Journey through The Elements | A Crystal Bowl Meditation | December 12th 2017

jeremy-sills-sound-crystal-singing-bowl-squamishJourney through The Elements ~ A Crystal Bowl Meditation

A special evening session exploring the consciousness of the 5 Elements through sound and silence.

December 12th 2017   Tuesday 7:00 – 9:00pm

Location: Living Science Wellness Centre
59 Iber Road, Unit 25, Ottawa, Ontario K2S1E7

Pre-registration required – $25.00 – Online Ticket Sales – Eventbrite – click here

Facilitated by Jeremy Sills, you will engage your source energy flow through practical and intuitive meditation, toning, sounding, and breathing.  And explore your innate nature and connection to source energy! The 5 Elements are the building blocks of our reality, they are worlds unto themselves; and when allied with them, we are capable of co-creating wholistically with the entire system that is our consciousness.

You will work with the major theme/issue of the five elements with affirmation, intention setting, vocal toning, and the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls. Your spirit will guide you back to a place of harmony and gratitude.  Whether it is to a place of appreciation and joy, or to a place of grateful understanding for the pain that has been with you, and has come to the surface through acceptance and presence, and is now transforming into sound and light.


Elements - jeremy-sills-sound-crystal-singing-bowl

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