Tuesday 7:00pm until 1:00am Artistika: LOVE ART Party February 14th. Tuesday. 7 pm - 1 am. Tickets $20 (at the door). Open bar http://patrickjohnmills.ca/ILOVEYOU.htm (online preview) If you have seen one of the thousand posters that say I LOVE YOU. This is it! Its going to be AMAZING Come and enjoy a Radical beautiful Valentines day at the Love Art Party. Avoid the consumer commercialism and high pressure culture of Valentines day and come to a crazy love art party instead.... A celebration of the Artist in everyone. Music, live painters, Fire spinners, Kissing booths, Hip hop, massage lounge, Jazz, Folk, slam poetry, Interpretive Dance, crystal bowls, Drummers, Body Painting, Djs, Art, Painting stations, Food, Beer and a whole Lootta Love There will also be some catering from Essence Catering... http://essencecatering.ca/ Only the Best Chef in Ottawa Babysitter on site! pay an extra 15$ and your kids can nap upstairs and be chaperoned. We are making a cozy kids tent campout! 3 Jimmys - Jazz New language - duo music. Brad Morden Loh el The Owl Eyes Project: 10 - 11 pm. website ~ http://www.wix.com/theowleyesproject/the-owl-eyes facebook fan page ~ https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Owl-Eyes-Project/131059296946374 Jeremy Sills and Naomi Athena - Crystal Bowls Niyamah Collective - Contemporary Experimental Dance/Theater 8th Generation Dance Tara Porter DJ OBSEDIAN Devin Johnstone-Thai Yoga massage Fire spinning group Ottawa Live Painters: Narmeen Hashim

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